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Time to Check Your Engine | Madison Auto Care

Madison Auto Care's trusted auto repair technicians will find the problem if the dreaded check engine light comes on.

You’re driving to the Fall Village Market when your car’s check engine light suddenly comes on. If you’re like many of us, your initial reaction is a cascade of emotions that run the gamut from “oh, no” to “it’s nothing.” While you don’t need to panic – unless it’s flashing, in which case, don’t panic, just pull over and call for help – you also shouldn’t ignore the light. That’s what a lot of people do and it generally just makes things worse.

“Ignoring a check engine, service engine soon or other warning light never pays. When a warning light or message appears, get your vehicle checked as soon as possible, before the root problem causes more damage,” says. explains, “A  ‘check engine’ or ‘service engine soon’ along with other warning lights can indicate a problem with your oil, cooling system, engine valve timing, engine, transmission, brakes, stability control, traction control, four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, airbag, HVAC, lighting, wipers, cruise control, anti-theft, accident avoidance, tire pressure, ride control, charging, electrical accessories—even your entertainment system. If you ignore the warning lights or dash messages on these vehicles, you risk serious damage to the engine or transmission, costing thousands.”

What you should do is stay calm and make an appointment with your trusted Madison auto care and auto repair technician to have it checked out. If you don’t have a regular Madison auto care and auto repair specialist who watches out for your car and makes sure it’s good to go, then get to know the Madison auto repair technicians at one of Madison Auto Care's seven conveniently located service centersClausen Auto, Handel Auto, Genin’s Auto, Capitol Tire, Odana Tire, Hansen’s Auto, or Aeschbach Auto.


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