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Summer’s End | Madison Auto Care

The Madison auto care experts at any of Madison Auto Care's seven NAPA service centers will help you prepare your car for winter so you can avoid breakdowns in icy cold weather.

It seems as if summer just began, but fall is almost here. It officially arrives this Friday (Sept. 22). And, if you look around you, the signs of the end of summer are all around - from lower temperatures to Fall Fest at the Fitchburg Farmers Market. Of course, summer's end also indicates that winter is on its way. Fall gives us time to stock up and prepare for the cold weather ahead.

One way to do that is to take your car to the Madison auto care experts at one of Madison Auto Care's seven NAPA service centers for end-of-summer maintenance. The pros at the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) say it's wise to take advantage of the fall lull for a bit of car care because "breakdowns, never convenient, can be dangerous in cold weather period."

What should be included in that end-of-summer maintenance? An oil change and a check of your engine - get those slow starts and other issues fixed now - are high on the list. Have your cooling system and heater/defroster checked out. Don't forget windshield wipers, exhaust, battery and tires.

The auto care pros at any of Madison Auto Care's seven convenient locations will be able to help you with that: Clausen AutoHandel AutoGenin’s AutoCapitol Tire, Odana Tire, Hansen’s Auto, or Aeschbach Auto. The certified auto care and auto repair technicians will have your car ready for the bad weather ahead.

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