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If your brakes aren't working, you need to drop in to see one of Madison's brake experts at any of Madison's six NAPA auto care centers.

You were headed home from work last night when you noticed that your car wasn't stopping as quickly as it normally does. Rather than immediately stopping, it feels more as if the pedal is sinking a bit before the car begins stopping. Now you're thinking you need to find an expert in Madison brakes rather than head over to the Farmer's Market today.

That's a good idea because it sounds as if you might have a leak in your brake line. JD Power says, "If your brakes are not as responsive as they should be or if the pedal 'sinks' toward the floor, this could be an indication of a leak in the braking system. It could be an air leak (in the brake hose) or a brake fluid leak. One telltale sign of a brake fluid leak is the presence of a small puddle of fluid when the car is parked. Brake fluid looks similar to fresh motor oil, but with a less 'slimy' texture."

Whether you see a small puddle of fluid or not, you need a Madison brake and auto repair expert to take a look if your brakes don't seem to be operating at peak performance. Who wants to take a chance that nothing's wrong? It's time to talk with the Madison brake specialists at one of Madison Auto Care's six NAPA auto repair and auto care centers.

The certified Madison auto repair technicians at Madison Auto Care's six locations have the training and expertise to fix your brakes and have you safely back on the road. Call today for an appointment at any of Madison Auto Care's six convenient NAPA auto care  centers: Clausen Auto, Handel Auto, Genin’s Auto, Capitol Tire, Odana Tire and Hansen’s Auto.

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