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Need a new battery? Visit any of the Madison battery experts at one of Madison’s six NAPA auto care centers for help.

You were planning a trip to the Madison Farmer's Market on the Square during your lunch hour today. But that didn't happen. Instead, you're sitting at your desk playing catch up because you were late to work.

Very late.

Your car didn't start this morning and you had to get someone to jump the battery to get it started. Now, you're faced with the prospect of buying a replacement battery, although it seems as if you did buy a battery not so long ago.

No matter what you do, your battery will eventually wear out. But Nationwide auto insurers offer some tips to help prolong the life of your Madison battery:

  1. Limit short rides.
  2. Keep your battery tightly fastened.
  3. Turn off all the lights when you get out.
  4. Control the corrosion.
  5. Test your battery often.
  6. Don’t use electronics when idle.
  7. Care for your car as a whole.

Once your battery does wear out, it's easy to find a Madison battery replacement. Just drop by one of Madison's six conveniently located NAPA auto care centers for help.  The certified Madison battery and auto repair technicians at Madison Auto Care's six locations have the training and expertise to change your transmission fluid and have you safely back on the road. Call today for an appointment at any of Madison Auto Care's six convenient NAPA auto care centers: Clausen Auto, Handel Auto, Genin’s Auto, Capitol Tire, Odana Tire and Hansen’s Auto.

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