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October Is for Car Care | Madison Auto Care

You can get all your car care needs at any one of Madison Auto Care's seven Napa service centers.

It’s October! It's a perfect time for a trip to the Cave of the Mounds as well a for celebrating Halloween. And, as National Car Care Month, it's also a perfect time for a bit of car care.

Car Care Month is actually celebrated twice a year – once in April and again in October.

Nationwide Insurance explains, “These months bring attention to the importance of regular preventive car maintenance and care during times when it’s most critical to do so. April provides the perfect opportunity to prepare your vehicle for the road trips that often come with summer months while also attending to any issues that may have developed over the winter. After the summer ends, October is an excellent time to check on any wear and tear incurred over the past months and prepare your vehicle for the more hazardous driving conditions typically brought on by winter.”

Nationwide adds, “Use National Car Care Month as an opportunity to schedule an appointment and take care of any preventive maintenance before major problems can occur.”

It's a great time for that tuneup. But,if you want to stop short of that, what should you be checking during National Car Care Month?

Well, your tires, for one. And,of course, your brakes. It’s probably time for an oil change and a check of all your car fluids. And don’t forget a quick trip to your trusted Madison auto care technician to let him go over your car and the engine. As Nationwide says, it’s better to find any problems and fix them now rather than get on the road and suffer a breakdown.

You say you don’t have a regular, trusted auto care specialist? Well it’s time you got one. Try the Madison auto care and auto repair experts at one of Madison Auto Care's seven conveniently located Madison service centers - Clausen Auto, Handel Auto, Genin’s Auto, Capitol Tire, Odana Tire, Hansen’s Auto, or Aeschbach Auto.


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