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The Madison battery experts at Madison's six NAPA auto care centers can help you get going again when your Madison battery refuses to start.

It's going to be a bad week if today is any indication. When you came outside to go to work, your car wouldn't start. Nothing. Your battery was dead. You didn't even get that ominous click, click, click sound. By the time you got someone to help get you started, you were hopelessly late for work so you had to work through lunch rather than going to Monona Terrace for your weekly meditation break.

Batteries do have a limited life, but there are ways to extend their life, according to Nationwide insurance. Among those tips: limit short rides, keep your battery tightly fastened, turn off all lights, control the corrosion and get your battery checked often. But sometimes all that you do doesn't seem to help lengthen your battery's lifespan.

If it happens often, you could have an alternator problem. Or perhaps your battery is simply old and needs replacing. The Madison battery professionals at one of Madison's NAPA auto care centers can help whether it's an alternator issue or something else. The certified auto care and Madison battery technicians at Madison Auto Care have the training and experience to keep your car on the road. Madison Auto Care has six convenient Madison battery and NAPA auto care  centers to choose from: Clausen Auto, Handel Auto, Genin’s Auto, Capitol Tire, Odana Tire and Hansen’s Auto.

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