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Happy Thanksgiving! | Madison Auto Care

Madison Auto Care and its seven NAPA service centers hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. From all of us at Madison Auto Care - have a happy Thanksgiving! Remember, we're here to help you for all your auto care and auto repair needs.  If you don’t have a regular Madison auto care specialist you…
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Cold Battery, Dead Battery | Madison Auto Care

Cold weather is hard on car batteries but you can take steps to keep yours functioning throughout the winter. Don’t be surprised if you go out to start your car one of these cold mornings and find it wont start because the battery has died. Car batteries don’t do well in colder weather and are…
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Cold Weather Ahead | Madison Auto Care

As the cliche says, winter is coming. Drivers should make sure their cars are ready for the winter chill to help avoid a breakdown. Madison's weather forecasters are predicting cold weather ahead with a possibility of the first snow of the season on Friday.  That's the cue to start pulling out those heavy winter coats…
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Cold Weather Road Trip | Madison Auto Care

Now that Halloween is behind us, many of us are focusing on the holiday season with its winter road trips. The auto care specialists at one of Madison Auto Care's seven service centers can help you with that. Halloween is over and November has rolled in with cold weather and the beginning of the holiday season.…
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The Right Tire Pressure | Madison Tires

Over-inflating your tires can make them wear out sooner and damage your car. You were busy on the internet over the weekend while you waited for the kids to finish exploring the corn maze at the Fall Harvest. Among the ads was a story giving advice on ways to prolong the life of your car and…
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My Tire Keeps Going Flat | Madison Tire

A puncture is not the only cause of a tire’s going flat. You were headed to Walk-tober when the tire pressure light on your dashboard flashed on. Your initial reaction was “oh, not again” because your tires have been going flat quite a lot lately. You’ve checked your tires for punctures, nails and such but…
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Do Your Tires Have Dry Rot? | Madison Tires

Dry rot can even form in tires that aren’t driven often. Dry rot is an indication you need to replace your tires. You were getting into your car to go to the Fitchburg Farmers Market when you noticed that the sidewalls of your tires were cracked. The presence of cracks surprised you because you have not…
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When Your Car Blows Its Gasket | Madison Auto Care

One of Madison Auto Care's seven NAPA service centers can help if your car blows its head gasket. You’re headed to Bluestem Jazz when your car overheats. You pull over to the side of the road and cut off your engine. You assume you have a problem with your radiator or other component of your…
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Permanently in Park | Madison Auto Care

Car stuck in park? The Madison auto repair techs at one of Madison Auto Care's seven NAPA service centers can help you with that. You were planning to drive your car to Bike Week today, but that didn't happen. You didn’t go anywhere. Your car refused to go into gear. notes there are many reasons an automatic…
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Car Batteries Suffer in Hot Weather | Madison Auto Care

The auto care experts at one of Madison Auto Care's seven NAPA service centers will help you if your car battery succumbs to Madison's late summer hot weather. Autumn is on the doorstep, but you’d be hard pressed to know that to judge by the temperatures, which are projected to reach into the 90s today. Those…
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My Car Is Hard to Start | Madison Auto Care

The Madison auto care specialists at one of Madison Auto Care's seven NAPA service centers will help you when your car just won’t get going. You were headed to the Farmer's Market when your car decided to be contrary and refused to immediately start. You finally got it going and it ran fine after that, but it repeated…
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