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Easy Running | Madison Auto Care

A Madison auto care expert at one of Madison's NAPA auto care centers will keep the fluids in your car topped off to help your engine run at peak performance. You're planning to run in Saturday's Moovin' 5K. This will be your first such event and you know you have to be in shape and…
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Keep Your Cool | Madison Cooling System

If your car runs hot, you need a skilled Madison cooling system professional to get things going again. You're looking forward to this weekend's Brat Fest, but you have a feeling you're going to have to spend some time at a Madison Auto Care NAPA service center before you can finalize your plans. That's because your…
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In Tune | Madison Tune Up

The Madison tune up pros at any of the six NAPA Madison auto repair centers will have your car running smoothly. You're having car troubles. It's stalling. It's getting harder to start in the morning. And, the engine seems rough when you idle or accelerate. You're not sure exactly what's wrong. Could be your car…
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Getting Started | Madison Battery

Need a new battery? Visit any of the Madison battery experts at one of Madison’s six NAPA auto care centers for help. You were planning a trip to the Madison Farmer's Market on the Square during your lunch hour today. But that didn't happen. Instead, you're sitting at your desk playing catch up because you were…
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Time for a Transmission Flush? | Madison Transmission

When your transmission fluid needs changing, the Madison transmission experts at any of Madison’s six NAPA auto care centers can help you. You're planning to go to the Lakeside Luau at the Edgewater this evening although you are a bit concerned about your car. There's been a burning smell recently. A burning smell could indicate…
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Stop Now | Madison Brakes

If your brakes aren't working, you need to drop in to see one of Madison's brake experts at any of Madison's six NAPA auto care centers. You were headed home from work last night when you noticed that your car wasn't stopping as quickly as it normally does. Rather than immediately stopping, it feels more…
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A Healthy Battery | Madison Battery

The Madison battery experts at Madison's six NAPA auto care centers can help you get going again when your Madison battery refuses to start. It's going to be a bad week if today is any indication. When you came outside to go to work, your car wouldn't start. Nothing. Your battery was dead. You didn't…
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It’s Madison Auto Care Month

The Madison auto care experts at Madison's six NAPA auto care centers will help keep your car on the road for miles and miles and miles. April is known for many things: April Fool's Day and, of course, the dreaded April 15 Tax Day (although this year we get a slight extension because taxes aren't…
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