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Do Tires Expire? Madison Auto Care Answers this Question.

Are My Tires too Old? You were returning home from Madison's Fantasy in Lights the other night when you noticed your car's tire warning light had come on. You were a bit surprised. You're not sure when you last bought tires. But, between the Covid epidemic and other things, you're sure you haven't put that many…
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Time to Flush | Auto Care Madison

It's Never too early for Changing and Flushing Your Vehicle's Fluids. Although some people complain when the holidays begin "too early," you are always thrilled to welcome the many events, such as the Holiday Fantasy in Lights. The light show is one of your favorite happenings. You try to never miss it. Unfortunately, you're not as…
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Auto Care for Winter | Auto Care Madison

As the holidays draw nearer, so do the colder temperatures of winter. As the cliche goes - winter is coming and it brings possible damage to your car if you haven't prepared for it, says. The money you spend on winter-proofing your car can save you thousands later and prevent a breakdown or accident.…
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Tune Up for Thanksgiving Travel | Madison Auto Care

Tune up your body is likely the mantra for runners preparing for the Barbee Derby or one of the other Thanksgiving races around Madison. The derby is Madison's original Thanksgiving run. All proceeds go to the Technology Education Foundation. That type of tune-up is great for folks who are planning to stick around Madison but…
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Winter Tires! Does Switching Make Sense?

The trusted tire technicians at Madison Auto Care's seven NAPA  service centers will help you decide if winter, or snow, tires are a wise investment for you. The first day of November is predicted to start out gray with subfreezing temperatures. It's an indication, perhaps, of the weather we can expect as winter days shorten.…
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Preparing Your Car for Fall

The auto care technicians at any of Madison Auto Care's seven service centers will help make sure your vehicles are ready for colder weather. It's that time of year when dog owners from across Madison, WI are busy getting their pups ready for doggie costume contests. But doggie costumes aren't the only preparation that should…
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How Do I Find a Reputable Auto Repair Shop?

Finding a Reputable Auto Repair Shop: A Comprehensive Guide What's more stressful than your car breaking down? The stress of finding an auto repair shop that is reputable, affordable and one you can trust. Even if you just need routine maintenance finding a trustworthy auto repair shop can be stressful for even the most savvy…
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Show Your Windshield Wipers a Little Love This Winter

Your windshield wipers have your back! They deal with snow and ice buildup, salt and grime, freezing temperatures. And yet they plow ahead, keeping your visibility good and doing their part to keep you safe on the road. Show them the love they deserve by maintaining your windshield wipers during the winter. The experts at…
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What to do When Your Airbag Goes Off

Car accidents can happen suddenly and without warning. When they do, your vehicle's safety features, like airbags, can make all the difference in preventing serious injuries. But if your airbag deploys in a collision, it can be a startling experience. Knowing how to react in the immediate aftermath is crucial for your safety and the…
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Help! Why Isn’t My Defroster Working?

Making Sure The Defroster Works in Your Car Winter's frosty embrace can be a magical sight, but what happens when a frosted windshield just won't defrost? To navigate safely during the cold months, it's crucial to ensure your car's defroster is in working condition. The experts at Madison Auto Care Centers delve into the importance…
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Baby it’s Cold Outside: Care for Your Winter Tires

Don't Give Your Vehicle the Cold Shoulder; make sure it's outfitted with the proper tires this winter. As the winter season approaches, it's essential to ensure that your vehicle is prepared to handle the challenges that cold weather, snow, and ice can bring. Winter tires play a critical role in keeping you safe on our…
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What’s tuned-up during my car’s tune up?

We've all been told since we first started driving that getting a tune up is an important part of car ownership. But what exactly is your mechanic doing to keep your car safely on the road during this service? What Do Mechanics Do During a Tune-Up?  The experts at Madison Auto Care centers in Madison…
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