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Winter Tires – Are They Worth It? | Madison Auto Care

Unsure if it makes sense to switch to winter tires this year? The Madison tire specialists at any one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers can help you make the right decision. In some ways, it seems the year 2020 has dragged on and will never end. Then, suddenly, we’re past Thanksgiving and…
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Happy Thanksgiving! | Madison Auto Care

All of us at Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers wish you and your family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving! Our family at Madison Auto Care hopes you, your family, and friends have a safe, healthy and happy Turkey Day. And, remember, if you need auto care during the upcoming holiday season, Madison Auto…
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It’s Cold Out There | Madison Auto Care

Keeping your car and tires in good condition will help make winter driving safer. It’s no secret to any driver who has ever coped with sleet, snow, ice or cold weather that winter driving can be hazardous. Not only do you have to handle the lower temperatures and other weather-related issues, you also have to…
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Flat Tire? Keep Driving | Madison Tires

Does it make sense to buy so-called run-flat tires? Ask one of the Madison tire pros at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers what's best for you and your car. It doesn't matter if you're headed to work or on a road trip - even a short one to Taliesin in Spring…
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What’s That Sweet Smell? | Madison Auto Care

The auto care specialists at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers will help you if your car starts leaking antifreeze. When you were unloading your bike from the car after you got home from biking along the Lake Monona Loop, you noticed a sweet smell that seemed to be coming from your…
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Summer Tire, Winter Tire, What’s the Difference? | Madison Tires

What are the differences between the types of tires? What’s the best tire choice for you? The Madison tire experts at any of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers can help you with that. When you were headed home from work the other day you noticed that your tires are looking a bit worn.…
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Stop for This | Madison Auto Care

Your brakes often give warning signs that they need repair. The certified technicians at any of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers can help with that. You were on your way home with the kids from the zoo the other day when you noticed your car was pulling to one side when you stopped.…
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Car Care Month | Madison Auto Care

October is Car Care Month, a perfect time to make sure your car is ready for the upcoming winter. October is Car Care month. AAA says that the event serves as “an ideal time to remind motorists as the weather cools, motorists should complete a seasonal vehicle checkup to maintain safety and maximize efficiency.” That…
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Are You Ready to Travel? | Madison Auto Care

If you’ve decided it’s time to get out of town for awhile, make sure your car is ready to go. The auto care pros at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers can help. It’s been a difficult year so far. Perhaps one of the hardest issues to deal with was the lockdown,…
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My Car Starts, Then Stalls Out | Madison Auto Repair

If your car immediately starts, but stalls out, it’s time to see the Madison auto repair folks at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers. You had planned to make a food pickup at the Dane Farmer’s Market this morning, but your car refused to cooperate. It started fine, but then cut off…
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Time to Stop for Brake Care | Madison Auto Care

Brakes are at the top of the list when it comes to important safety features on your car. Make sure they stay in top condition. The recent temperature change has left Madison with mild weather perfect for enjoying outdoor activities, whether it’s a walk through the Olbrich Gardens or something more intense, like a long…
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