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The Right Pressure | Madison Tires

The right tire pressure is important for auto performance and safety. If you’ve ever read, heard, or been told anything at all about car care, it’s probably included this piece of advice – keep your tires properly inflated. You don’t want them under- or over-inflated. Like Goldilocks’ porridge, the inflation needs to be just right.…
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Hot Weather Ahead | Madison Auto Care

Extreme heat is hard on your car. Preventive maintenance will help your car make it through the hot summertime. Madison has hit it lucky this week as far as temperatures are concerned. Rain in the forecast has held off the sweltering heat that has descended on other areas of the country. But forecasters warn that…
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Road Construction Ahead | Madison Auto Care

Road construction can be rough on cars and trucks. If your car or truck is suffering from rough roads, call the auto repair specialists at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers. Anyone who’s lived or driven in Madison for any length of time is familiar with the signs of road construction. We’re…
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Odd Noises and Funny Smells | Madison Auto Care

If your exhaust system is malfunctioning, you need to take your car to a Madison auto care expert as soon as possible for repairs. When you were returning from the Dells’ July 4 celebrations the other day you noticed a funny smell. While you were trying to figure out where the smell was coming from,…
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Don’t Ignore or Reset This Button | Madison Auto Repair

Don’t ignore your check engine light. Have a trusted Madison auto repair pro at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers take a look and find out what’s wrong. You were headed back from a bike ride along the Lake Monona Loop when you noticed the check engine light had come on.  Like…
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Don’t Forget That Oil Change | Madison Auto Care

Making sure you change the oil in your car regularly is your best game plan to keep your car’s engine healthy and running for a long time. You were headed home yesterday after a round of golf when you noticed your oil change light had come on. Your first reaction was “oh, not again.” Changing…
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The Car Won’t Start | Madison Auto Care

Whether it’s your battery or alternator, the auto repair experts at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers can help you when your car won’t start. You were all ready for a kayak trip this morning, but instead, you found yourself sitting in your driveway with a car that wouldn’t start. Generally speaking,…
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Spring Car Care | Madison Auto Care

Don’t forget that spring car care, especially if you’re planning a road trip. While we were hunkered down at home because of COVID-19, spring came and now it's almost gone. Summer will officially be here later this month. That's the cue for many people to hit the road, whether it's a quick day trip to…
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My Car Isn’t Accelerating | Madison Auto Care

If your car isn’t accelerating and smells funny, have the auto technicians at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers check it out. You were driving back from Cherokee Marsh yesterday when you smelled something like rotten eggs. At first, you thought it was coming from outside the car but it never went…
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What’s That I Smell? | Madison Auto Care

If you’re looking for a trusted Madison auto care technician, check out the reliable pros at one of Madison Auto Care’s seven conveniently located NAPA service centers. Now that businesses are opening up again, you decided to go out for lunch rather than picking it up and bringing it home. But, while you were driving,…
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Drip, Drip, Drip | Madison Auto Care

If your car or truck has a leak, you need to see one of the certified auto care experts at any of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers. You were headed out this morning to the grocery store. As you pulled out of your driveway, you noticed a puddle. Some kind of fluid had…
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No! Not the Check Engine Light! | Madison Auto Care

If your check engine light comes on, you should see an expert auto repair technician as soon as possible. You can find a trusted auto repair pro at any of Madison Auto Care’s seven NAPA service centers. You were headed home from picking up takeout today when you noticed your check engine light had come…
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